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Value Package
We're pleased to introduce a new value package offering an extraordinary value with 10 credit hours for only $99!

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New Courses by Dr. Dennis Daley!
Dr. Daley is a Professor of Psychiatry and Chief of Addiction Medicine Services at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. CEU Matrix is pleased to announce four of Dr. Daley's courses covering Group Treatment, Relapse Prevention, Coping with Feelings, and Co-Occurring Disorders. Expand your knowledge in these areas with a leader in the addiction and mental health fields.

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Accreditations for Counselor Certification and More

CEUMatrix - The Institute for Addiction and Criminal Justice Studies has been approved by nearly every ICRC member board internationally, as well as social worker boards and licensed professional counselor boards. We are committed to meeting deadlines with our exceptional services indicated below.

  • Same-day turnaround

  • Free shipping within U.S.*

  • Free fax service

CEUMatrix is approved by NAADAC provider #619 and NBCC provider #6310 as well as IC&RC Member Boards and State Licensing boards.

If you have questions about your particular state's initial certification or renewal requirements please go to www.nattc.org/ or call us at 800.421.4609.




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